Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Again I can't sleep.
I guess I'll stay on the internet for another hour or so, and try to go back to bed. The restlessness is killing me. It's affecting my schoolwork and my health. I don't even know why I stay up.

But, how come there is nothing good to watch after midnight? All of the shows suck, because they're ll re-runs. I just wish if I had to stay up I'd be able to find something decent to watch,. 800+ channels and there are 15 movies playing. Isn't that surprising? I really should be trying to sleep right now, instead of typing this blog. But I don't know....I just have too much energy to be so tired. It's very confusing.
You know what else?
I HATE paid programming. Luring you in with those nifty slogans and bright colors, yelling about their product. "It's ShamWOW! IT's SHAMWOW. WOW." No.
Make a regular god damn commercial.


off to bed again.


  1. I totally agree about stupid commercials. They suck.

  2. Insomnia is often cured with a little herb, just saying

  3. i can never sleep. i think i might be a zombie